Chapter 8 - Chapter 8: Social Movements • Different than...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8: Social Movements • Different than an interest group or political party o Why? o Hunger strikes, blood fashion shows • Why are social movements unique? o Shared sense of grievance, these people are wholeheartedly involved in these movements o People see this as a common problem, they know that it is not just all about them o They want an entire social change o Stable numbers • How do you know it when you see it? What are some examples? • Typically lower class movements because they don’t have a voice • Abolition movement o Ending slavery and women’s suffrage worked off of each other o Middle and upper class movements o Women working in abolition didn’t have any rights so they wanted to start fighting for themselves • Populist movement o Government more for the people instead of just the elite o Progressive movement o Farmer’s movement, land only white males (became more middle class) • Women’s suffrage • Labor movement o Explodes in 1800s o Massive immigration, arguing for increased rights, minimum pay • Peace movement • Civil rights movement • Anti-Vietnam movement • Women’s movement o Equal rights amendment disappeared because of no support o Equal pay, and people started bringing up the 14 th amendment and didn’t see the need for the ERA • Environmental movement o 70s • Gay and lesbian movement o 70s o not very radical • Religious Movements (sometimes tied up with other movements, most notably Abolition in the 19 th century) • Etc o Social movement have been in our society for decades What types of people are in social movements? • Outsiders with limited/no access to conventional system • Different movements attract different types of people o Different movements are targeted towards different groups of people...
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8: Social Movements • Different than...

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