Review Sheet #3 (CH. 5, 6,7,8))

Review Sheet #3 (CH. 5, 6,7,8)) - 1. closed-ended/open...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. closed-ended/open ended questions Closed-ended - Yes/no question; open ended question that cant be answered with yes/no. Used in surveys. 2. 501c3 - Various charitable, non-profit, religious, scientific and educational organization groups that cant engage in political activity, but can engage in some voter registration. (501c refers to the IRS tax code). 3. 527 A type of American tax-exempt organization. Created primarily to influence the nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates for public office. Concerning tax- exempt organization, allows political activity with unlimited soft money, tries to influence elections through voter mobilization efforts or issue ads, requires reporting contributions and expenditures to the IRS unless they already file identical information at the state or local level. 4. Agenda setting influencing what people consider important. 5. Agents of socialization Family (affects childrens views about religion, politics, etc). School (affects students views by conveying lessons about American identity and patriotism). Pop culture (movies, music). College education. Generational effect (Major events that affect the country). Jobs. News media. Marital status. Retirement. 6. American and attention span (soundbites) Amount of time a person can concentrate on a single activity. As time passed by, the average attention span decreased. (1968-43.1 sec; 1972- 25.2 sec; 1976-18.2 sec; 1980-12.2 sec; 1984-9.9 sec. 7. Aspects of social movements Abolition, populist, womens suffrage, labor, peace, civil rights, anti-Vietnam, environmental, gay/lesbian, religious. 8. Beat The assigned location where a reporter regularly gathers news stories 9. Bundling - Common practice for grassroots; practice through which multiple individual contributions from a single industry or interest group are delivered to a candidate over a relatively short period of time. 10. Candidate centered campaigning - as party identification becomes weaker, candidates are forced to invest more time and money in building/maintaining their base of political support themselves instead of relying on party identification to gain them votes. 11. Catalytic events (social movements) Same as #86? 12. Checkbook membership After becoming a member of a group, the act of doing little more than paying the membership fees....
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Review Sheet #3 (CH. 5, 6,7,8)) - 1. closed-ended/open...

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