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Math Dr. Coughlin Math: The Scourge of the Universe My relationship with the science of mathematics has had its ups and downs since I first learned to count higher than seven in kindergarten. The early years were painless, and, dare I say, even enjoyable. I would count, and the numbers would passively be counted. I would add single digits together, and two plus two would equal four. Or if they didn’t, I wouldn’t really mind too much, because my attention span would already be focusing on some other, more pressing matter. Until the sixth grade, Math and I really had a fairly decent relationship. Then, I was introduced to the concept known as “Algebra”, a method of population control introduced by the Arabs in 1064 AD. 1 Many tearful afternoons were spent in the classroom, my teacher with increasing frustration trying to explain to me why one minus
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Unformatted text preview: X was not, in fact, a trick question. Until I got to middle school, I lived in a happy, peaceful existence where numbers were numbers and letters spelled words and colors could be seen and not smelled. But all of a sudden, letters were subtracting numbers, and what’s worse, five times X equaled a different number each time I was given the problem! Now there’s a way to ruin a kid’s life! And sometimes it didn’t even equal a number, but a different letter! Well, ever since then, I’ve passively respected numbers for their ability to torture, deceive, and ruin kids’ lives, but otherwise, I try to stay out of their way. It’s better for everyone that way, I assure you. 1 Actual date unknown, date referenced in paper is completely merely the author’s humble opinion....
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