s more pronounced e histogram peaks in the middle

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Unformatted text preview: ing 0*+5+,31,0*+,-5/;:?0,N'M#ON'M#O""",F,N'M#O=,F,N'M#O'!",, ess moves from states of both molecules in the le -hand chamber is (½)(½) = (¼). e probability of nd( C )–( AB ) tes of high probability. In this example, we see that the lowest probability ing one molecule in the le chamber and one molecule in the right chamber is ( that are relatively ordered, i.e. a large fraction of the gas molecules can B )–( AC ) ½. and the states of high probability are )–( BC ) (A he right or the left of the container; us, we construct our histogram accordingly. Notice that for our case of two e the system is relatively disordered. identical molecules, there are three (n + 1) possible con gurations and that there But while each con guration of the three molecules has the same probability !"#$%&&'()*%+,-)$"().%/% s more pronounced: e histogram peaks in the middle, corskewed being distributedor the other is increasingly unlikely Chapter 4 lecules to one chamber equally between the two chambers, Chapter 4 lecules is increased. sides of the distribution,4and there are Chapter 4 Chapter o uniformly on both ossible states. The e for the Case for 100 Molecules is to 3 Molecules ase for 3 case for which we have not 10, but 100 molecules, Molecules forforhavethe individual counting is best done4by Chapter 4 3 Molecules ime we 3 Molecules l-se Now added .14. computer, Chapter olich may sound like a addrobability that all molecules reside in the le or in the right ep addolD only correspond to how dd-how !D%A%D ut ero; )pges. and, moreover, that the probability that the distribution t addn he ow chance of all offor 3 hanges. or to thechamber or the other is increasingly unlikely utnt for 3 Molecules Molecules Chapter 4 how The one se left to Caseright skewed to the ees. gerent Chapter 4 Three Molecules a ro.nges.ofis increased. Three Molecules of In lecules Chapter 4 altcase two possibil-Three Molecules Hundred Molecules Chapter 4 nrentfact, the mololur e of !"#$"%&'(&&()*'+'),%*#-'.%,"'% /(&*'.,%!"#$%&'%%#)%'),&0123 %%%%%%%45 D E o so ofeven be skewedadd- Three Molecules %%%%%%%65% E d, of we will keep to fp add@ ts of E r minishes nd out how !E%A%F ules stem and rapidly as we 100 Molecules ut for The Case for lecules e divisionCase for 3 sal how 3 Molecules Molecules of The of the molcon g les %%%%%%%75 @ har-ar-uration changes. D by 3 The eanges. this added for Molecules ed s,cules eight diCase imethat haveprocess, for 3 Molecules cules, e r- arl-rent e so so ays, we two mol- rent a Three Molecules y is Three Molecules ase of throughout olecules at ich may ble,so sound so case only four of 89#),:%;"'%)<+='&%0>%?(2.%,0% ur we is of keepmol-a - add- will two like ial but that ys, p sosof rocess by aaddu purely tes only iswe will keep addteis so sh arrangements of of @ !@%A%B rd,ow nd out how add- correspond to states that m on and @ 0=,(#)%(&&()*'+'),%%%%%%%%#.%!@%A%B5C hhe g t ft system. eseanda...
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