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Ontinue to add e xperience we ten molecules hot

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Unformatted text preview: cules 3 if the molecules are perature((molecules why ), arethe 4=pprobability p dividual ½)( But has if 23 molecules are forfor 10 higherhave 10 the nd (b) Molecules) = ((½)(themolecules there ise order × Molecules ⅛), and cases i= resultsthethe histogram sindividual ½for probability )( for which for 1½ lecules3((Now we cases 63) thosemoleculesifare molecules are ½)( disorder? lgherprobability ofCases⅛× for 4. ½) s3 ⅛), and results in ityaofprobability½ 3 × (⅛) )( thystem. andmolecules(are if 0 Casesare thosein iswhich there ve and 4. between the between 3 molecules. ehdistribution is achambers. ) 4. is at the center. idistribution two verythe (two spike results in ty 3 × ( for three indistinguishable molecules. ave indistinguishable ⅛ three atesof a probability of 3narrowchambers. ortatesright⅛) for Cases × and for Cases 3 and 4. is results in s the gen to the right for three indistinguishable = 4 possible r (a) ere are n + 1ere + = 4 possible states n:three indistinguishableare1n + 1 = 3 + 1 molecules. states = 3 molecules. es the angete The states pattern: (a) se Molecules those + e-erfor 10 Case cases= 3e+ 1are4for 1 = 3 +there possible states note the pattern:+ 1 arere cases are those = :( h (a)probabilitynfor 10 Molecules whichstates4which there an b) e higher (a) ngedge. the re are probability = npossible 1 for r Ten Molecules erge. nnd aer probability casestheTtwo chambers. there higher those cases etween the betweenprobability for whichthose for which there ams (b) thetwo whenare en Molecules are stribution that chambers. ontinue to add e. xperience we Ten Molecules hot object grams erge. the two chambers.place chambers. in contact with a en two a tween the states distribution betweenTtheMolecules the , msthe states ofcounting energy grams will ow spontaneously from the high temperature ally etheto 10 Molecules ility The arrangee for ngequally fore each peratureCase for 10 MoleculesDoes it have anything to do body. But why is this? llycult,10 Molecules 10 Molecules f anor but weCase for more ually The can wed start and disorder? h order to emerge. rend re erge. Ten Molecules Ten Molecules kewed more tinue to add e from the histograms ed ates grams the states continue to add ewed ounting he counti...
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