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Unformatted text preview: C )–( energy same probability ityf(associatedmolecules has o the three ( )( C )–( agine nowspontaneity: hasif ) same probability leculesthree)()½)(move ⅛the 100 molecules to (( thethe)–( molecules = fromthe theprobability a single mole of three has oolecules ((ifmolecules=AC )same molecules are f BC of A ( BCAC) A B if ((AC )–(B½we(( )() )–(A⅛), the molecules are oncept)–(½AC )½½)–()–(),)spontaneous process moves from )( ( B Now)we B½ 6 × 1023 molecules and the histogram system.½)(½ ½( have and molecules are lolecules×((½)(for )BC⅛),3if thethe molecules in something ity of )–( (⅛)of½ Casesprobability. is resultsnotice 3A cules ofstates))() higher ⅛), if 4. 4. Wesalso are (( 3 × (⅛ for=) )–( A and = ( BC ilityA bilityto )–( BC ( )(½Cases 3 )) i results in A )–( BC ( r three is a r distributionlowestery n 3 and 4.re characterized tefor threethe⅛) forvCasesandmolecules. results in by a more yight: in ⅛( right: probability a is is the in of tatesindistinguishable 4. dlitys3 ×3(×offor Cases 3 arrow spikeresults center. two i(nd of indistinguishable molecules. at eC two in)the right: right: )–( re are n +)–(=AB 1 = 4 possible states a AB ) : three three of the1 1the molecules are sequestered in one onfor indistinguishable= 3 + 1 = 4 p probability forCgurationmolecules3 +)moleculeshas the same o (a) )–( AC ( ( + has ) — the eAB ))areif CthreeABthe same ern:B(a)example,C nall)–(molecules. ossible states probability ere ((f three indistinguishable molecules. states )–( are (n cases are those possible there herorderedre are+g1½) 3((½)just=as )moleculesof all the clothes (a)(a)probability + 1 =+3 = 4 for ossible are e ⅛ rn:Bprobability½(ncases=are+those forthe), ifstates oleculesACcon B= AC ) 4 re A )–(re(( molecules AC 1), if thepwhich iindividual ½)) B)()–()–( ⅛)(½)(½ is= which the molecules are gher )–( e (( probability)( A uration;) 1 for which casethere etweenandBC () chambers.3 and 4. which link between probtwo of 3 ×those eiave a probability chambers. drawer! i results hbetween the⅛cases Cases ⅛) foraCasess3 there4.in is results in grlity probabilityforAaresingle ) for object in contact with a her )–( BC )twocases BCplace hot iand 3 ×that when)–( those ( ( )–( are oldedof the placed in a we(BC s there xperience (A ween the indistinguishable two the right chambers. between will two three has the same probabilityof temperature for three will loom large in molecules. the high nd order the forwchambers.our understanding processes in fto uration molecules indistinguishable molecules. the three of the three molecules has the same probability o spontaneously g eenergy pattern: move from 100 + from + 1 statesossible states for 10 Molecules ote three if are ½ = rn: (a)uration½)((a)) three + n Doeshas the a single mole of = se the rewe n + 1 ⅛3 this? 1 ossible = fagine now molecules=½rethe1same ⅛),it have4anything to do confor 10eMolecules =)(½)(½)molecules to same probability the g lecules body.of the (( e is mole...
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