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Unformatted text preview: nd We all of n guration of did not ecules two nd out how how on stem hing chancemolecules tates n ges. chthe left orchanges. enrself, o as g canar-energyto changes. on rourself,urationrentar- Three Molecules ent on di or by by be realized the right nconeight ges. ing les, e to d C)di that the energy Three Molecules o. In possibilHundred Molecules reesay eight di elf, fact, of eys, soonlytheways, so ecules, and C) erent can erent urself, ,nt but four of zero. So, skewed er o teven veions, beonly fourto is Three Molecules Three Molecules probability that C) aC)is we of that of but ible, urations, ndpontaneity of of arrangements by saying f minishes rapidly as itostoother two states ons, ules states moleculeswe he arrangements of fations, ls rthe and two done in moves from states of text. aal This iseverything on l. molleft and twodone the text. ingand isofby ar- the leftdivision molecules ules on tical.realized the inIn this example, we see that the lowest probability s ar- probability. be GH%A%I%/)8!EJ!DC%A%I%/)%F%K%L ofto This to yourself, E D edhigh done in by arprove this process, .s, hisbethisdonethethe text. TsoThisrealized in text. is urself, is ways, so ar-that ical. erent ecan relatively ordered, i.e. a large fraction of the gas molecules can di tcule (say throughout a are oleculesFigure 4.12. But now let’s designate the A, B,ways,C) and so at nd C) own hree di erentthat is ,asois in probability rightrocess bygaofurelycontainer;now the states of highthe shownthe lefturations, usis or conFigure p the ossible in atesainby C.states 4.12. But and let’s designate probability are r atations,two And, inBut now. let’s designate the ve p probability4.12. addition, that ther list e otherinis wnystemby relatively isin But nowlet’s [email protected] the eessystem. Figure 4.12. addition, let’s explicitly hown Figuredid notdisordered let’s designate list GH%A%I%/)[email protected]!EC%A%I%/)%8BJFC%K%L E h other two And, eove these labels to C. lsand everything on to ngthe otherWe states teson t her Thisby done inin addition,inlet’s text. by C. C. And, inis done the explicitly listlist And, the text. hon areeverything as acal. and isidentical. This addition, let’s explicitly tions rself, energy or enother iove this to yourself, on gleft to say that draw from dn (say A,weand C) o(C)thatthisthe energy this simple progression is of great pracoleABC)–( to yourself,(½)(½)(½) = ⅛ self, prove B, ) zero.ABC)–( o r ) GH%A%I%/)[email protected]%A%I%/)%8DJBC%M%L ations,con A,urations, important 4.12. Butwe have illustrated that leculeSo,in gcanandeC) ½)(Figure because nowD thedesignate the C) ( )fhown weasby)It 4.12. (½)(½)(= ⅛= ⅛ importance. saying molecule B,shown ½)(½) ½)@ let’s ssible (say Figure is( in But now let’s designate ABC)–( (ABC)–( to these labelsgurations, (½)(½)(½ = ⅛ (spontaneity to tpossible)–(ABC) ) (½)(½)(½) ))= ⅛ ions, con ve B, and)–(ABC) in addition, let’s ⅛ ( isby C. inother seeking a particular distribution between dividual theAnd,text....
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