MIS 589 Networking Concepts and Applications Assignment 2 Text Questions

MIS 589 Networking Concepts and Applications Assignment 2 Text Questions

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Chapter 3: Q.1 How does a multipoint circuit differ from a point-to-point circuit? A multipoint circuit is different from a point-to-point circuit in the number of shared computers that are connected to the circuit. In a multipoint circuit the circuit is shared like my wireless LAN at my home. On a point-to-point circuit the circuit is connected for example from one router at a remote site to another router at the main site. These two sites are able to fill the capacity of the circuit by using a dedicated circuit to communicate. Q.3 Describe three types of guided media. One type of media is twisted-pair cable. It consists of a piece of wire that is twisted a certain amount of times in order to reduce electromagnetic interference between any other pairs of twisted wires. Twisted-pair cabling is manly used in regular home telephones. Coaxial cable has a copper inner core that is surrounded by an outer shield. It is still used as a media for cable TV and microwave transmission.
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Unformatted text preview: Fiber-optic cable is a third media type that contains one or more optical fiber elements insulated by a protective sleeve. It uses laser or LED lights to reflect particle of glass. Q.6 Clearly explain the differences among analog data, analog transmission, digital data, and digital transmission. The difference between analog data and analog transmission is that the analog data is the signal that gets transmitted through the old POTS system. In order for a computer to communicate using the POTS system the signal has to be converted to digital data. The conversion of the analog data to digital data is done by a modem. In order for a voice signal (analog data) to be transmitted over a digital network (digital transmission) the analog data has to be converted using a codec which converts the analog data to a digital transmission then converted back to an analog data (decode)....
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