Mis 589 networking concepts and applications assignment 2 text questions

MIS 589 Networking Concepts and Applications Assignment 2 Text Questions
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Chapter 3: Q.1 How does a multipoint circuit differ from a point-to-point circuit? A multipoint circuit is different from a point-to-point circuit in the number of shared computers that are connected to the circuit. In a multipoint circuit the circuit is shared like my wireless LAN at my home. On a point-to-point circuit the circuit is connected for example from one router at a remote site to another router at the main site. These two sites are able to fill the capacity of the circuit by using a dedicated circuit to communicate. Q.3 Describe three types of guided media. One type of media is twisted-pair cable. It consists of a piece of wire that is twisted a certain amount of times in order to reduce electromagnetic interference between any other pairs of twisted wires. Twisted-pair cabling is manly used in regular home telephones. Coaxial cable has a copper inner core that is surrounded by an outer shield. It is still used as a media for cable TV and microwave transmission.
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