3420 PRAC 1 ANSWERS - MNGT 3420 PRACTICE (EXAM 1) Chapter...

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Unformatted text preview: MNGT 3420 PRACTICE (EXAM 1) Chapter 1: HR Challenges, Functions, Strategy, and Competencies 1. Which of the HR functions belong to the Employee Development category: a. Training programs. b. Career counseling and planning. c. Job analysis. d. A and b. e. All of the above 2. The Staffing category of HR functions involves all except : a. Employee recruitment. b. Employee selection. c. Performance appraisal. d. Human resource forecasting. 3. Cultural training for managers going abroad to serve in U. S. companies illustrates a reaction to which Environmental Challenge : a. Technology change. b. Globalization. c. Evolving work and family roles. d. Workforce diversity. e. Skill shortages. 4. The Organizational Challenge that involves redefining competitive advantage and elimination of some functions and jobs is: a. Decentralization b. Outsourcing. c. Downsizing. d. Self-managed teams. e. Organizational culture. 5. The Organizational Challenge involving norms of behavior, communication patterns, and customs refers to: a. Decentralization. b. Technology implementation. c. Organizational restructuring. d. Organizational culture. e. Cost and quality goals. 6. In the Miles and Snow Model of strategic HR, Prospector organizations tend to have all but which of the following staffing practices: a. External recruitment for many jobs. b. Emphasis on fit with the organization. c. Department supervisors make final selection decisions. d. Formal hiring and socialization process. 7. The benefits of Strategic Human Resource Management were said to include all but which of the following: a. Centralizes human resource decisions....
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3420 PRAC 1 ANSWERS - MNGT 3420 PRACTICE (EXAM 1) Chapter...

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