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C9060-521 IBM IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1 Implementation
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QUESTION: 61 What is true regarding the commands, restore stgpool and restore volume? A. Restore stgpoolsets all volumes in the storage pool to status destroyed. B. Restore volumedeletes the volume information from the database, when all files are restored. C. Restore stgpooldeletes all volume information from the database for all affected volumes when all files are restored. D. Restore volumesets the volume at the end of the process to status offline. Answer: Explanation: RESTORE VOLUME (Restore primary volume data from a copypoolor an active-data pool) Use this command to restore all files on damaged volumes in a primary storagepool that was backed up to a copy storage pool or copied to an active-data pool. This command changes the access mode of the specified volumes to DESTROYED.When all files on a volume are restored to other locations, the destroyed volume isempty and is deleted from the database. B QUESTION: 62 Access has been granted to another node and dsmc restore –fromnode=mainstream \\mainstream\d$\documents\*. doc has been issued. Where will the restored files be located after the restore? B
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