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Unformatted text preview: ‬ ָ ‫אוֹתוֹ‬ them (m) him ‫אוֹתן‬ ֶָ ‫אוֹתהּ‬ ָ them (f) her ‫בשביל‬ ‫בּשבילנוּ‬ ְִִָ ‫בּשבילי‬ ְִִִ for us for me ‫בּשבילכּם‬ ְֶ ִ ְ ִ 0‫בּשביל‬ ְְִִ for you (m) for you (m) ‫בּשבילכּן‬ ְֶ ִ ְ ִ 2‫בּשביל‬ ְִִֵ for you (f) for you (f) ‫בּשבילם‬ ְִִָ ‫בּשבילוֹ‬ ְִִ for them (m) for him ‫בּשבילן‬ ְִִָ ‫בּשבילהּ‬ ְִִָ for them (f) for her (‫את )עם‬ ‫איתנוּ‬ ִָ ‫איתי‬ ִִ with us with me ‫איתכם‬ ְֶ ִ 0‫אית‬ ְִ with you (m) with you (m) ‫איתכן‬ ְֶ...
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