Object pronouns us me 0 you m you m 2 you

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Unformatted text preview: to them (f) to her The suffixes used for the preposition ‫ ל‬with pronominal suffixes are used with a variety of other prepostions. The base forms vary (‫ את‬for "with" (‫ עם‬without suffixes, like with a proper name or independent noun) and ‫ בשביל‬for "for", etc.). **There are a few slight variations in niqqudot for the different forms, the 2nd feminine, "you" and the 3rd plural "they", so pay careful attention to these. Object Pronouns: ‫אוֹתנוּ‬ ָ ‫אוֹתי‬ ִ us me ‫אתכם‬ ְֶֶ 0‫אוֹת‬ ְ you (m) you (m) ‫אתכן‬ ְֶֶ 2‫אוֹת‬ ָ you (f) you (f) ‫אוֹת...
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