CC302 Notes - Aeneas in Italy Aeneas was a Trojan whose...

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Aeneas in Italy Aeneas was a Trojan whose city was burned. He was exiled, and the Trojans wandered. They eventually end up in aborigine territory, making friends with Latinus. Latinus dies in a war with the Rutulians. Rutulians unite with Etruscans to protect themselves from growth of Trojans. Trojans unite with Aborigines under the common name “Latins.” Aeneas led them to battle that went favorably, but he died. His son, Ascanius, was too young to rule- throne was secured for him. Ascanius founds a new city called Alba Longa The Story of Romulus Twins Romulus and Remus were illegitimate kids sent to be killed as infants- saved by Faustulus who raised them. Caught breaking law- Romulus assassinates King Amulius and was recognize. Power was transferred to Numitor. Romulus and Remus found a city. Romulus kills Remus and becomes the sole ruler. Romulus creates a political constitution and strictly enforces it with lectors. Built wall around palatine hill, early rome. He makes the city strong and creates a senate on capitoline hill with 100 seats. Senators called Patres, their families were called patricians. There was a lack of women in Rome, so it looked like it would soon fail. So Romulus kidnaps a bunch of girls from neighbors and makes/convinces them to be the wives of Romans. One of the neighboring cities is pissed off at this and attacks Rome. Romulus kills them, slays their king, and takes their city in one assault. He captures a couple more neighboring cities and makes them colonies of Rome. The Sabines were a more difficult enemy- they actually took control of the Roman citadel (Arx) by bribing Tarpeia (who they later killed and threw from the Tarpeian Rock) to let them in. The Romans attack it, their leader is killed, they retreat, Romulus says an inspirational prayer, they turn around and take back their citadel. Then the wives of Rome run out and say that they don’t want to be widows or orphans- that the men should not kill a son-in-law or father-in-law. The men are silenced and sign a treaty and unite the two cities (shared power, government in Rome). The king with which he shared power was later killed- Romulus wasn’t too upset about it. Fidenae, concerned about Romes growing power, starts attacking Rome. Romulus marches up to the gates of Fidenae, pretends to retreat, and ambushes his enemy. He then takes Fidenae. Veii raids Rome for booty. Romulus marches in and kills them, but he doesn’t take the city. He burns their fields on his way back. They ask for peace, and Romulus grants it in return for a part of their land. Because he made the city so strong, Rome was able to enjoy 40 years of peace after his death. He killed the king of the Caeninenses and set up a trophy with the king’s weapons. He dedicated it at the first temple of Rome: Jupiter Feretrius. Romulus goes to the Field of Mars (Campus Martius). He departs the Earth at the Swamp
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CC302 Notes - Aeneas in Italy Aeneas was a Trojan whose...

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