Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Invitation to Biology Impacts,...

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Chapter 1 Invitation to Biology Impacts, Issues: What Am I Doing Here? Biology is a way of thinking critically about life Biology can help us to better understand human impact on nature, such as an oil field burning out of control during the Persian Gulf War Biology Scientific study of life Lays the foundation for asking basic questions about life and the natural world Why Study Biology? To learn how organisms are constructed, how they function, where they live, and what they do To help develop, modify, and refine ideas about life Levels of Organization Cell Multicelled Organism Population Community Ecosystem Biosphere Levels of Organization Levels of Organization Nothing Lives without Energy Energy = Capacity to do work Metabolism = Reactions by which cells acquire and use energy to grow, survive, and reproduce Sensing and Responding Organisms sense changes in their environment and make responses to them Receptors detect specific forms of energy (stimuli) Allows maintenance of homeostasis Interdependencies among Organisms Producers Make their own food Consumers Depend on energy stored in tissues of producers
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Decomposers Break down remains and wastes Energy Flow Usually starts with energy from sun Transfer from one organism to another Energy flows in one direction Eventually, all energy flows back to the environment Unity of Life All organisms: Are composed of the same substances Engage in metabolism Sense and respond to the environment Have the capacity to reproduce based on instructions in DNA Molecules of Life All things are made up of the same units of matter
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Invitation to Biology Impacts,...

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