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notes4exam1 - ii Zeus’s conflict with Kronos iii...

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Notes – Exam 1 – Classical Mythology I. Theogony a. Definition i. “Birth of the Gods”. Theos=god; gonos=birth b. Characters i. The Muses 1. Zeus (father) & Mnemosyne “memory” (mother) 2. What they do: a. Sing about the generations of the gods b. Teach kings and poets how to speak/sing ii. Chaos 1. “Void, Emptiness” 2. Gives birth to Erebos “darkness” and Night a. Erebos & Night (first sexual procreation) parent Ether “light” and Himeros “Day” iii. Gaia 1. “Earth” 2. Gives birth to Mountains, Pontos “Sea”, Ouranos “Sky” 3. Mates with Ouranos to produce Titans a. Kronos i. Youngest b. Kyklopes i. “round-eyed” c. Hundred-handers iv. Eros 1. “desire” 2. Produces no offspring but is the procreative force v. Kronos vi. The Moirai 1. “the fates” 2. Clotho a. The one who spins the thread of life (birth) 3. Lachesis a. The apportioner who measures out the thread of life (life) 4. Atropos a. The one who cuts off the thread of life (death) c. Stories
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i. Castration of Ouranos and Rise of Kronos 1. Birth of Aphrodite a. One of the twelve Olympians
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Zeus’s conflict with Kronos iii. Prometheus and Zeus iv. Hesiod’s views on WOMAN 1. “women = suffering” 2. A “beautiful evil” 3. He likens women to drone bees a. Sitting in hive plotting b. Large bellies eat everything others bring home v. Zeus’s war with the Titans – Part 2 of conflict with Kronos 1. Zeus uses diplomacy 2. Zeus as a warrior vi. Zeus’s Battle with Typhoeus vii.Zeus’s “marriages”, the consolidation of rule and the end of generational conflict 1. Marriages with goddesses a. Metis i. “wisdom” ii. Child – Athene b. Themis i. “natural law” ii. Children – 1. Eunomia “Lawfulness” 2. Dike “Justice” 3. Moirai “Fates” c. Demeter i. Child – Persephone d. Mnemosyne i. Children – Muses e. Leto i. Children – 1. Apollo 2. Artemis f. Hera g. Maia i. Child – Hermes 2. Marriages with mortals a. Semele i. Child – Dionysus b. Alkmene i. Child – Herakles...
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notes4exam1 - ii Zeus’s conflict with Kronos iii...

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