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notes4exam2 - I Stories/Myths a Ovid i Apollo and Daphne 1...

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I. Stories/Myths a. Ovid i. Apollo and Daphne 1. Apollo makes fun of Eros (cupid) who decides to get revenge 2. Eros shoots arrows at Apollo and at Daphne a. Apollo becomes in lust with Daphne, while Daphne wants nothing to do with Apollo 3. Daphne worships Artemis (Diana) and has taken a vow of chastity 4. Apollo pursues Daphne, who prays to her father the river god to help her escape Apollo, and he turns her into a laurel tree 5. AITION: This is why the laurel is the symbol of Apollo. ii. Zeus and Io 1. (Io is also a daughter of a river, like Daphne) 2. Zeus (Jove) comes down and tries to impress Io, but Io is not interested 3. Zeus rapes Io and hides her in a dark cloud so that Juno will not find out what happened 4. Juno (Hera) is suspicious of the cloud a. Zeus turns Io into a cow to protect her 5. Juno realizes this and asks Zeus for the heifer as a gift a. Juno has Argus watch her with his 100 eyes 6. Io is sad because she misses her father a. She follows her family around in loneliness b. One day she writes her name in the dirt with her hoof and her father realizes that it is her 7. Zeus feels bad for Io and orders Hermes (Mercury) to come down and kill Argus a. Hermes tells Argus many stories until Argus falls asleep b. Hermes cuts Argus’s head off
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i. This is the first homicide 8. Juno puts the eyes of Argus on peacock feathers 9. Juno is angry and sends horseflies down to torture Io a. Io pleads to Zeus and Zeus feels bad for her b.
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