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I. Mythological Characters and Stories a. Herakles/Hercules: the “Glory of Hera” i. General characteristics 1. Strong, sexually potent, very rarely defeated in strength but often defeated by women a. Becomes a slave to Queen Omphale in Lydia and must cross-dress and do her weaving for her because he accidentally killed someone… b. Becomes slave to Eurystheus 12 labors 2. 3. Slays and captures animals: lion, serpent (hydra) 4. Known for stealing tripod from Apollo 5. Becomes deified at the end of his life 6. Shows sympathy for the natural world a. Totes a primitive club, shoots a bow and arrow (when shield & spear were “modern” weapons) b. Associated with “hunter-gatherer” culture i. A lot of his ancestors became constellations (Andromeda, Perseus, etc.) 1. Hunters & gatherers had to use constellations to find their way back home ii. How Herakles relates (or does not) to other Greek heroes iii. His birth and parentage 1. a. Twin: Alcmena had sex with both Zeus and Amphitryon in same night, so bore one mortal (Iphicles) and one immortal son (Herakles)
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i. Didn’t know which son was mortal & which was immortal until baby Herakles killed snakes that Hera sent to kill him iv. His first marriage to Megara 1. Married Megara, daughter of new king of Thebes
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notes4exam3 - I Mythological Characters and Stories a...

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