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John Piazzi COM 114 Section 2301 Mind-Controlled Bionic Limbs Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the technological breakthrough of mind- controlled bionic limbs. Thesis Statement: I will talk about a new breakthrough in technology called the mind controlled bionic arm. My speech will entail how it works, ways it can be used, and when it will be available. INTRODUCTION: I. Attention Getter: “Jose Ramos, a medic assigned to a marine sniping corps, was walking along with his brigade in Iraq. They seemed to be in a very friendly area of hostile Iraq, until… boom. He was struck by a rocket and everything went black. He was struck badly by the explosion, and needed medical service right away. The doctors tried their hardest to save it, but they eventually needed to amputate his whole arm” (Donnelly, 2007). His life would never be the same again, or might it? II. Credibility Statement: Jose’s story is not an infrequent one. More than 130 veterans from the Iraq war have had to deal with the same problem, and thousands of others deal with this problem every day (Belfiore & Carey, 2007). III. Relevance Statement: I’m sure just about everyone in this room knows someone that is fighting overseas. The harsh reality is, these types of injuries could happen to our friends and loved ones. IV.
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bionic arm outline - John Piazzi COM 114 Section 2301...

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