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Study Guide � Exam 2 - Study Guide Exam 2 PSYC 101...

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Study Guide – Exam 2 PSYC 101 Dr. Levens Franzoi Chap 4 – Development Prenatal Development – Process of neural development (4 stages) 1. Proliferation 2. Migration (8-16 Weeks) 3. Differentiation 4. Continued Differentiation Teratogens - any disease, drug, or other noxious agent that causes abnormal prenatal development Critical period – an optimal period when an organism’s exposure to stimuli or experiences promotes proper development or hinders development Fetal alcohol syndrome (characteristics of children) - Newborn – innate reflexes (rooting reflex and social responsiveness) Cognitive Development – Piaget’s stages of cognitive development 1. Sensorimotor Stage (0-2)- Experiencing the world through senses and actions Object permenance 2. Preoperational Stage (2-7) – Representing things with words and images but lacking logical reasoning. Egocentrism. Lack of conservation 3. Concrete Operational Stage (7-12) – thinking logically about concrete events Conservation and math transformation 4. Formal Operational Stage (12 and up) – abstract thinking begins - For each stage know how the child is developing cognitively, what the milestones are - Mean Monkey video Social Development – Attachment, Body Contact (Harlowes monkeys), Familiarity, - critical period Imprinting (Lorenz) – Responsive parenting (secure vs insecure attachment) Franzoi Chap 7 – Learning Classical conditioning – CS, US, CR, UR – know basic process of how the CR becomes conditioned (think about examples, identify CS etc. for each example) -Unconditioned stimulus (US) – a stimulus that naturally triggers a response. -Conditioned stimulus (CS) – an originally irrelevant stimulus that after association with the US, comes to trigger a conditioned response. - acquisition, - the stage where the CS-US relationship is being learned - 1. Temporal contiguity – except taste aversion - 2. Spatial contiguity – except auditory conditioning - 3. CS must precede US - 4. Biology is a limiting factor
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Study Guide � Exam 2 - Study Guide Exam 2 PSYC 101...

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