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Jeff Norman Journalism VOSOT Frost Line Delays Norman Dick Johnson OTS WGN 9 News Take VO (:20) #Dekalb Farms Take SOT (:10) #Matt Zuber #Northern Illinois Student Outcue: Truly, I wish the cold will go away. Tag on Cam Dick Johnson Front Line Delays Area Farm Work Norman (Johnson on Cam) Dekalb farmers are worried about how long this winter has lasted. (VO) If the weather remains cold for ten to fifteen more days, farmers will have to change their plans with crop planting for the next season. The other factor besides the cold that
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Unformatted text preview: farmers must recognize is how deep the frozen soil goes down. (SOT) During the winter, everything freezes over. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the ice goes down a foot deep after a few months of cold. Truly, I wish the cold will go away. (VO) The winter will further delay farmers to prepare soil and add fertilizer to the ground. (Tag on Cam) Planning for farming begins on April 21-25 where farmers will begin to harvest....
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