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John Xu D SOC 101 Section 7 Mindi Schneider Gender Inequalities The concept of gender inequality is evident in numerous facets of everyday life. Many of the greatest disparities in equality occur in the workplace. From clothing choices to big business decisions, men and women face very different problems. These dilemmas, stereotyping men with ties and women with aprons, originate from ideas that no longer have any biological basis. Instead, the definition of gender today is primarily based on social constructs pertaining to the environment in which people live. Gender is defined as “the ideology and social categories associated with sexual dimorphism.” While men and women clearly differ in their biological origins in terms of chromosomes, the gender roles of modern society cannot be accounted for simply by intrinsic factors. Unlike the definition of sex which is based on biological concepts, gender involves various social aspects— behavioral norms and the ideas of masculinity and femininity— going beyond the ovaries and testes. One of the most basic arguments for the role of society in determining gender can be seen in people born with a disorder known as congenial adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). Individuals with CAH are female due to the XX chromosome configuration, but are exposed to male hormones before birth. The result is an intersex appearance. The CAH females can then later decide in life which
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Final Exam Essay 1 - John Xu D SOC 101 Section 7 Mindi...

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