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Final Exam Essay 3 - John Xu Net ID jzx3 Section 7 Who Gets...

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John Xu Net ID: jzx3 Section 7 Who Gets What: Race, Gender, Class and Social Stratification The existence of social stratification— the idea that there is a hierarchy of how rewards are distributed among the people in a society— leads to the unavoidable concept of inequality. While there are various factors that account for this division, race, gender and class are three of the most significant, as they have persisted in showing the great disparity between the top and bottom of the hierarchy, the dominators and the oppressed. Race, according to The Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology “exists as a socially constructed set of categories used primarily as a basis for social inequality and social oppression”. In this sense, it is the meaning that people attach to race that makes being African American or Asian significant. Focusing on the black population specifically, the idea of discrimination stems back to the time of slavery, when blacks were considered to be a key “intermediate good” in picking cotton. This idea of economic interest along with mental inferiority has persisted over time, and may account for low position on the hierarchy blacks occupy in society today. Jonathan Kozol’s essay describes the poor schools located in East St. Louis, and how little government funding has been dedicated to improving the school systems,
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Final Exam Essay 3 - John Xu Net ID jzx3 Section 7 Who Gets...

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