Although you should have the tools to figure out how

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Unformatted text preview: s. Measurements and calculations • • Measure the DC resistance of the inductor. Draw a model for the real inductor that includes this resistance. Compute the maximum time constant for this component. Do you think you could see the change of current with time with your multimeter? 2.b(25 points) • • • • Simulated inductor circuit: An inductor time constant that is long enough to see with a multimeter requires a very large, heavy and expensive inductor. The problem of inductor size also challenges integrated circuit designers. It is very difficult to put an inductor into an integrated circuit. Fortunately, there is an op amp circuit called a simulated inductor, which uses an op amp, two resistors, and a capacitor to produce a branch relationship similar to an inductor. The circuit is shown in figure P2 ­1. Don't worry too much about how it works, just build it! (Although you should have the tools to figure out how it works. Think of this, as a challenge.) Comment Simulated inductors have some limitations. Fir...
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