New part for this lab is introduced later for each

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Unformatted text preview: DT Switch Circuit Symbo l Comments • • • See Laboratory 1 for information on obtaining a laboratory parts kit and multimeter, and for identifying many of the parts used in Laboratory. (New part for this lab is introduced later.) For each procedure set up the circuits and record your data and the answers to questions on a separate sheet(s) of paper and hand it in at recitation section when the lab is due. For procedure 3, you will also have to bring your breadboard with designated circuits on it to your recitation section the week the lab is due. Note: If you do not show your TA your circuit from part 3, your grade for this procedure is zero. Procedure 1: RC Circuit (30 points) Comment Check that the electrolytic capacitor in this circuit is connected with the correct polarity. The negative lead is the short one, marked " ­" on the side of the capacitor package. 1.a (2 points) Set ­up Construct the circuit of Figure P1 ­1. Have the switch in the position (1) for the long time. Measurements and calculations • Compute the val...
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