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Dillard Ancillary Prompt

Dillard Ancillary Prompt - Prof Dutton GEW 21331 21454...

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Prof. Dutton Ancillary 4 DUE – Thursday, February 21 st , 2008 Annie Dillard was fascinated with the natural limitations to our senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and feeling (textual). She writes about the natural world and her prose sometimes reflects aspects of religious beliefs (Christianity). She has an insatiable curiosity about nature and the sciences and writes with a visionary's or mystic's seeking through religious study or meditation. The title of this essay is " Seeing ." Dillard describes many things she can and cannot see. This essay is a challenge for the textual analyst because Dillard is able to describes ways in which we look at things that include the abstract and the inability to see but know. One would have difficulty finding text with which one might absolutely disagree, so one must instead study the parts of the text, consider and reflect upon how the parts relate to each other, and find a theme of visual continuity that can be gleaned from various passages. Write a two to three page essay closing analyzing this text. Find ways to
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