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Chapter 7: Media Images’ Influence on Adolescent Girls Self-Concepts By Melissa Milkie General Statement - The mass media are important sources of information about the generalized other, but their effects differ among various groups, including African-American and European- American girls. Key Points: 1. The Process by which the mass media affect one’s self-image is a complex one involving several variables. 2. Social Comparison is a process by which the individual defines and evaluates herself in relation to a reference group or to similar people who share current or desired social identities. 3. Reflected Appraisals occur when actors evaluate or define themselves on the
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Unformatted text preview: basis of what they felt others think of them. 4. African-American and white girls in this study discuss girls’ magazines, but white girls tend to more frequently use them as sources for self comparison . 5. White girls engaged in reflective appraisals and believed that other people evaluated them on the basis of media images, African American girls did not. 6. White girls’ self images were negatively affected by the idealistic media images , whereas African-American girls’ images employed more varied and positive models found in their own racial community....
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