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Gilmore 1 Grant Gilmore Professor Quinney History 131 18 February 2008 Progressivism as a Universal Idea Progressivism is generally seen as an idea that was brought about in the late nineteenth century and flourished in the early twentieth century by the Northern Republicans and Urban Liberals of the era. This idea is beginning to be challenged by many historians and political scientists due to a new look at that time period, as well as information that was not always present. Who were the Progressives? , a collection of historian’s works that have been compiled by Glenda E. Gilmore, outlines the changes that occurred during the progressive movement and argues that it did not solely lie upon one dynamic of the population but rather many different ones including the Upper, the Middle, and the Lower classes. The Upper Class contributed to the progressive movement through politics. Consisting of people such as President Theodore Roosevelt and William Jennings Bryan, this particular group pushed for progress in politics. Although the two were from opposing parties, they both made advancements and both strived for their ideal lifestyle. Roosevelt was motivated to invoke progressive ideals into the government because of his desire for a better America. Said by historian Robert H. Wiebe, “Increasingly the important bills, including those to outline rebating by the railroads, regulate the food and drug industries, and revise the Sherman Antitrust Act, were either drafted in an executive department or cleared there before they were introduced” (100). The highest government official at that time pushed through many reforms that led to the betterment of the entire population, and also enhanced the amount of power that the government
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Progressive Era Essay - Gilmore 1 Grant Gilmore Professor...

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