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Prof. Dutton GEW 101 – 21331/21454 Ancillary 5 DUE Tuesday, MARCH 11 2008 (NOT 3/13/08 AS I MISTATED IN CLASS) The Accidental Mother This ancillary assignment is to analyze Katherine Kindred's " The Accidental Mother ," a nine page memoir about motherhood. Find your own unique way of seeing the text. Don't simply adopt someone else's idea due to laziness. This contemporary story comprises several years of rearing children and the way in which children and mother evolve. Write a two or more (not less) analytic essay using twelve point Times New Roman font (not 14 pt), with one inch margins and correct MLA citations. Outline it first and choose a theme upon which to base your choice of argument. Avoid non-essential summary. DO NOT write about the writer's logical, grammar, syntax, or other structural elements. These are superficial issues for writing purposes. Further, do not write about I, you, we, people, or society . Do not write using generalities. Keep your opinions, thoughts, and
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