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GEW 101 Professor Walter Dutton Spring 2008 ANCILLARY # 1 PROMPT-Stevenson Robert Louis Stevenson is famous for the adventure classic Treasure Island and the horror classic The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , but critics regard his essays as models for all budding essayists. Critics say his essays have “sweetness, tact, and wisdom” (212). Consider Stevenson’s essay “On Marriage.” DO NOT simply answer the questions. Use them as a guide for finding evidence of the issue and then organize your essay with an outline, citing facts and incorporating your ideas. Choose ONE of the below questions and write a 2-3 page thesis driven essay in response to the questions. Support your thesis with examples from the text. Come up with your own unique title for your essay, reflecting your ideas. 1. Do you find that it has “sweetness, tact, and wisdom”?
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Unformatted text preview: Where and why? Why not? 2. What is Stevenson’s opinion of marriage? Beyond that, is there evidence (facts) in the text that proves or disproves what you think is his opinion? 3. In Stevenson’s opinion, is the man or the woman the driving force for the success of a marriage? Why? Why not? Break the facts into parts and think about how they relate to each other. Use your ideas, your mind, to figure out ideas deeper that what he simply says. 4. What conclusion does Stevenson come to in this essay? If any, and is there evidence that disputes or is inconsistent with his conclusion? 5. What is Stevenson’s opinion of life? Many facts are available to discuss this concept. Think about it and break the facts apart and study their relationships....
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