Ancil 6 Tyndale Cemetary prompt

Ancil 6 Tyndale Cemetary prompt - Prof. Dutton GEW 101...

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Prof. Dutton Ancillary 6 – “ The Tyndale Cemetary This assignment does NOT require you to write an analytical essay . It requires you to write separate paragraphs that will be responsive to this writing prompt. To competently write an analytic essay about a fiction work and to competently respond to this prompt, you must learn the meaning and usage of fiction terms. I previously provided you with a handout on writing about fiction. You must study it. If you try to skate by without studying it and just get by, by trying to use the terms without that knowledge, I assure you that the resulting ignorance will be reflected in your writing and your grade will be lower than desired. The terms are terms of art of fiction writing and should be used when analyzing and describing fiction elements and how one element molds or shapes part of a story. Elements of fiction: Narrator – Writers may choose to have a character narrate a story or narrate the story themselves, as an omniscient narrator. Sometimes the narrator is unidentifiable. Sometimes the entire story is told from everything a specific character says, hears, thinks, smells, feels and senses. The tense may be present or past (not both). The latter appears when the story is told by a voice who is not a character in the story. This is usually in third person past tense. The omniscient voice allows the reader to learn things that are not within the five senses of major characters. The narrator and the point of view are often discussed together. Point of View – First person, second person, third person? Present tense, past tense? Explain why you think the author chose that point of view. Plot is the string of events or scenes that are revealed in the narrative. Think of this as the "who did what to whom" part of the story. Plots can be significant in themselves since chances are pretty good that some action in the story will relate to your main idea regardless of what that element or theme is. Plots can also allow you to make connections
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Ancil 6 Tyndale Cemetary prompt - Prof. Dutton GEW 101...

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