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English 101-046 Jason Stupp 19 September 2007 A genre is a way to classify groups with similar characteristics. In order to write a genre analysis paper, I had to choose a genre that I found interesting and knew very well. For a female, what’s a better genre to write about then romance movies, or “chick flick” movies? In every romance movie, one will always find the very same conventions. These conventions being the types of music played, the plot of the story, the appearance of the characters, and a twist in the plot that complicates things a little bit. This genre of movies differs greatly from other movie genres in many ways. Chick flick movies are not like the bloody, gory horror movies, or the laugh-out-loud, twisted humor comedies, but rather the happy, romantic movies that are usually quite stereotypical and can be identified very easily. Romance, or chick flick, movies always have the same context and conventions. In every romance movie, there is always a happy, love sick plot. Of course it wouldn’t be a typical chick flick movie unless it had some dramatic twist in the plot right in the middle of the story line that makes one question how the movie will end. Of course, the movie will always finish with a happy ending and sometimes even ending with a tear jerking event. This twist being something like a long lost love coming back, an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, or some deep secret that is revealed at the perfect time. Another convention of a chick flick romance movie is the music that one will hear while watching it. Not concerning the acting itself, the music in a romantic movie is completely different from the music that one would hear in a horror film. Instead of dark scary music that hints about someone about to jump out and cause havoc, in a chick flick there is never a lack of happy, romantic music that always seems to set the mood at the appropriate moment. Also, have is there ever been a chick flick where the main characters are very unattractive? No, I
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engl genre analysis - Erin Fargo English 101-046 Jason...

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