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Erin Fargo Jason Stupp English 101 22 August 2007 Communicating with others is a very crucial part of any major in college or career. Advertising revolves around communicating with others to promote a desired product. Also, advertisers must communicate with people to get involved with large campaigns what can be worldwide, so they must be able to communicate with other countries as well. Before one can be successful in the advertising world, however, they must be successful in their college world and be successful in their major. In the world of advertising, being able to communicate with others is crucial. If an advertiser is not a social being and does not like to communicate with others, then they will be set up to fail. As an advertiser, one will be not be working alone and will most likely be working with a ‘team’. Advertisers need to be able to work well with co-workers to come up with strategies to buy/sell/promote products. Working well with others is crucial to a successful career in advertising.
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