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geo lab sg - lines use a pencil o Lab 13 – Dating Rocks...

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Study Guide for Test #3 Test #3 will be given on the week before finals week I will give you the option of staying late after you finish the final to see your grade on the final, and possibly your final grade. Open Book Portion – 80 points o Lab 11 – measuring EQ’s Use a seismogram to find the P-wave and S-wave arrival times Find the time difference (S-P) and the distance from the EQ When did the EQ occur Locate the epicenter (like on page 56 of your lab book) o Lab 12 – Economic Geology Using the given data, find % property to be mined, How many acre-feet of coal is present, How much is recoverable, and the market value of the coal (like on page 60 question #5) Find the average mining ratio (like question #6 on page 60). Be able to correctly draw a contour map (at the right interval, label all
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Unformatted text preview: lines, use a pencil) o Lab 13 – Dating Rocks Complete 2 block diagrams Fill in a chart like the one on page 14 of the lab handout o Lab 14 – Hydrology Correctly label a diagram with the appropriate terms Use Darcy’s Law to answer a word question about discharge • Closed Book Portion – 20 points o The 6 rules for drawing contour lines o Any definitions which I stressed during lab • Extra credit o I will give you a take home extra credit assignment that will include a practice contour map, hydrology diagram, Darcy’s Law question, and a block diagram. o There will also be a few point available on the exam (there is a mistake on one of the questions on the open book portion, if you find it, I will give you an extra point)....
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geo lab sg - lines use a pencil o Lab 13 – Dating Rocks...

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