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1January 18, 2008 Comparing “A&P” and “Araby” When comparing the two stories “A&P” and Araby, I noticed more similarities than differences between them. While having many similarities I did notice a few differences. I enjoyed reading both of these stories. Some similarities I noticed in the two stories was that the main characters were both you boys. They both lived in small communities. Also, the two boys had a crush on a girl in the stories. Both go to extreme lengths to impress the girls that they like. Although their hard work and determination doesn’t seem to do much to make the girls like them.
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Unformatted text preview: Comparing the differences I noticed that while Sammy from A&P lived with his parents, the other young boy lived with his aunt and uncle. In A&P Sammy tried to impress the girls by standing up to his boss and quit his job even though it didnt seem to make an impression on the girls. While the young boy from Araby was trying to impress a girl by saying that he was going to the bazaar and that he would bring her back a gift. But his plans were put off schedule, so he arrived late and only a few booths were open....
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