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Chapter 15: Narratives of Self in Codependents Anonymous By Leslie Irvine General Statement- Groups like codependents anonymous explicitly use formula narratives or personal stories to portray and construct particular kinds of consistent or “real” selves. Key Points: 1. The belief in a core self that remains relatively stable over time is expresses in the narratives provided during group discussions of CoDA. 2. Coherent themes for narratives of self are presented in forms that accord with the expectations of the narrator’s audience . 3. New and revised narratives of the self
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Unformatted text preview: after the loss of significant others require new social moorings in the form of new relationships and institutions. 4. CoDA provided members with models of new accounts and new narratives to articulate their past experience, current status, and future aspirations. 5. CoDA members learned from group interaction socially acceptable reasons for their experiences such as dysfunctional families and abusive childhoods. 6. Internal conversations were of great importance to CoDA members, for they were expected to convince themselves the validity of their accounts....
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