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Unformatted text preview: matrix form Ax=b. b) Show the augmented matrix for this system of equations. c) Solve the system of equations using matrix operations to determine the values of x1, x2, and x3. You MUST show ALL of your work to obtain ANY marks for this section of the question. Previous midterm GE 111 College of Engineering University of Saskatchewan Question 7) On the day of the GE111 final exam, Dec 17th, some people from rural Saskatchewan are on a bus tour to Saskatoon. In the evening, one half of the tour participants (a mixture of men, women and children) go to the Credit Union Center to attend a Saskatoon Blades vs. Swift Current Broncos hockey game. The rest of the people go to TCU Place to attend the “Wizard of Oz” family musical. The number of women on the bus is twice the number of children, and the num...
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