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Chapter 16: Face-Work and Interaction Rituals General Statement- Goffman’s micro-sociology includes several concepts that illuminate the typical orderliness of face-to-face interaction in everyday life. Key Points: 1. In routine interactions, actors make an effort to present their best face and to impress others of their social worth. 2. Embarrassment is a consequence of a flawed or failed performance that results in a negative self-judgment. 3. The successful demonstration and maintenance of face depends on
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Unformatted text preview: an implicit agreement among actors to mutually accept one another’s presentation of self. 4. Avoidance of things that threaten the actor’s faces is a common type of face-work. 5. A corrective process is used to remedy situations or interactions in which an individual’s presented self and face is threatened. 6. Goffman’s work shows how the self is treated as a near sacred object in everyday life....
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