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Psychology Notes 2

Psychology Notes 2 - Hypnosis In the 1730s Mesmer meets an...

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Hypnosis In the 1730s, Mesmer meets an astrologer who said a rock could heal people. The guy would touch people; they would faint, wake up, and feel better. This became known as Mesmerism. They though that when the body’s magnetic field got messed up. The rock was a magnetic rock, so they thought this was what fixed the illnesses. Mesmer took off to France and got a boat full of magnets where he brought people in to help them. France put together a commission of scientists to find out what was going on. They determined that Mesmer was a fraud. Mesmer left for Switzerland. Hypnotism does seem to be able to make people tolerate more pain People will sometimes create memories or add details to memories and then believe that they are real. People cannot do anything while hypnotized that they cannot do normally. Animal magnetism- he thought he was restoring the natural magnetism of animals by hypnotizing them Age regression- going back to when you were younger Sleep and Dreams Among herbivores, the larger the animal, the less it sleeps Study to find whether there were different levels of sleep. Operationalized by the amount of pressure required to wake him. Discovered different stages of sleep. Males get an erection every 90 minutes REM- generally the time of sleep during which people dream; you go through REM every 90 minutes Everyone dreams Dreams do not last only a few seconds; they generally last about 20 minutes; they get longer as the night goes on. Almost 100% of people dream in color Dreaming is unnecessary; if you are deprived of dreaming by being woken up every time you start to dream, then when you go back to sleep, you will get into REM faster. REM rebound- if you are deprived of REM one night, you will get into REM faster the next night It is okay to wake up a sleepwalker There is only one mammal that doesn’t dream Birds have REM- they do dream Reptiles do not dream You can die in your dream and not actually die When you dream, your brain paralyzes you so you cannot act out their dreams Night terrors happen in stage 4. You get a fragment of a nightmare and wake up feeling very scared; usually happens 45 minutes after going to sleep Lucid dreams- dreams that you can control; they used to be considered impossible, but have been proven since
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The least amount of sleep needed is 15 minutes Dreaming starts in the womb at 23 weeks Young kids do not have a plot in their dreams As you get older, dreams have plots but the person does not star in the dream
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Psychology Notes 2 - Hypnosis In the 1730s Mesmer meets an...

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