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Class 221 Paper #2

Class 221 Paper #2 - CLAS 221 Opt ion 1 Cicero Philo sophy...

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CLAS 221 3/28/2007 Option # 1 Cicero Philosophy and belief systems are apart of human nature; we as a culture are fascinated with the past and those who advanced it. One of these people that has captured our attention for so many years is Cicero, a Roman Philosopher who’s ultimate goal in life “was to broad the horizons of his contemporaries by introducing them to the wide-ranging ideas of the various Greek schools,” according to P.G. Walsh in the introduction to Cicero’s work The Nature of the Gods . He was heavily influenced and committed to his political activity and placed the bulk of his life faithful to his intellectual self and life, according to P.G. Walsh. So it is no wonder that Cicero used this book to publicize and market his opinions and beliefs; that in essence no one belief system can be inherently right or wrong, as states: “it may be that none of them is true, or at any rate no more than one of them can be.” (1:5) This would help the reader better
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