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Mus 231 Journal Assignment #1 3/30/2007 1. “Beale Street Blues” - Earl Fuller’s Famous Jazz Band . Even though this song had Blues in the title, it seemed to have qualities of Jazz in it. It was played in an up-tempo in what sounded like ragtime, in what sounded to be like a common AABA jazz form. There was a muted trumpet, with piano and clarinet in the background. I can imagine that this song was popular and very fun and easy to dance to. This song reminded me of “Livery Stable Blues”. 2. “Jazz Me Blues” - Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang This song was at a walking tempo with an ABAC form. It had many solos, and what seemed to be the musicians trading 4 beats, it also had polyphony occurring in it. The introduction chorus had all of the instruments playing, leading with the clarinets but you can hear the bass sax keeping the tempo in the background. The second chorus began with the solos, continuing the clarinets presence in the song, leading into the cornet and lastly the bass sax. I liked the song, and I think that I would have probably enjoyed it more if I was sitting in the audience watching and observing rather than dancing to it. 3. “Harlem Twist” – Red Nichols and His Orchestra. This song appeared to have a mainstream jazz style with an up-tempo beat. Since I am not too keen at being able to decipher whether or not a form is ABAC or ABCD or anything of the sort; I think that this song was ABAC; because toward the end of the second chorus was a vocalist solo and after that it sounded just like the first stanza. This song also had syncopation and solos of many different instruments including the xylophone at the end. The one thing that I did not like about this song was its abrupt end, it did not make me feel
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journal #1 - Mus 231 Journal Assignment #1 3/30/2007 1....

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