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Phil Ginley 3/2/08 1408 Assignment There are several important sound elements in the film 1408 that establish the movie’s eerie mood. For example, as far as outer orientation, the film has three distinct motifs. The first one is the song “We Only Just Begun” which is always played to mess with the protagonist’s mind, unveiling that the evil force in the room has only started to destroy him. The second motif is a faint growl that reveals itself every time the room does sometime odd. This gives the room a mind of its own as if it’s a living thing. Additionally, near the end of the movie when the protagonist sets the room on fire, you hear a faint moan, symbolizing that the room is dying. The final motif is a crying baby, heard every so often when the protagonist is in the room. The cry can symbolize either a ray of hope or the character’s further plunge into despair and insanity. In addition to the
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Unformatted text preview: baby cry, there are many other sounds throughout the film that symbolize the emotional and mental descent of the protagonist. For example, when the paintings in the room morph from clichéd images to disturbing content, you can hear the shrieks and screams of the events portrayed in the newly distressing pictures. The film also has its share of predictive sound. Like most horror and thriller movies, 1408 uses its own predictive music to establish a mood of fear and terror. Whenever the atmosphere appears to be suspenseful the music builds and builds and builds until the clichéd but effective “dun!” reveals a spirit attacking the main character. The score in the film also portrays inner orientation. Near the end of the movie when the protagonist’s wife sees that her husband is in the burning room, the music is extremely dramatic as it coexisted with the wife’s worried face....
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