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PRINT NAME ________________________ INTRODUCTION TO MATERIAL SCIENCE MSE-150 QUIZ 1 I PLEDGE MY HONOR THAT I HAVE NEITHER GIVEN OR RECEIVED AID ON THIS EXAMINATION. I FURTHER PLEDGE THAT, IF I HAVE REASON TO SUSPECT THAT THE CODE HAS BEEN VIOLATED, I HAVE TAKEN OR WILL TAKE ACTION AS OUTLINED IN THE CODE. SIGNATURE _________________________ (1 point each) Label the following materials with the appropriate materials class, metals, polymers, or ceramics . (Write the letter M, P, or C next to the material) aluminum M wood P alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) C Teflon P glass (SiO 2 ) C polyethylene P polyvinyl chloride (PVC) P steel M brass (CuZn alloy) M brick C (4 points) The electron configuration for copper (Cu) is [Ar] 3d 10 4s 1 . How many valence electrons does Cu have? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 8 Write the electron configuration for the Cu 2+ ion. a) [Ar] 3d 8 4s 2 b) [Ar] 3d 9 c) [Ar] 3d 9 4s 1 d) [Ar] 3d 10 (2 points)
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Unformatted text preview: Sulfur (Z=16) is located in Row 3 and Column VI of the periodic table. Write the ground state electron configuration for the outer most shell of electrons for sulfur in the spdf notation. a) 3s 2 3p 4 b) 6s 2 6p 1 c) 3s 2 3p 1 d) 3s 2 3p 6 (2 points) Elements can be classified as metals or non-metals. For the following attributes or properties, circle all that apply to metals . 3 or less valence electrons 4 or more valence electrons forms anions forms cations high electornegativity low electornegativity (2 points) If the mass of a single atom of silver (Ag) is 1.79 x 10-22 g, calculate the atomic weight of silver in g/mole. Use the correct number of significant figures for the correct answer . Avogadro’s Number = 6.023 x 10 23 atoms/mole a) 107.8 g/mole b) 29.7 g/mole c) 10.8 g/mole d) 108 g/mole...
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