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-Fences Review -Wilson’s overall project: Fences looked at the life of an Africa American in 1950s BASEBALL: -Baseball used thematically and symbolically -Black people start with two strikes on: oBeing born black in America is your two strikes -Can’t wait for the pitch, can’t watch one, you have to take that chance and swing, take the opportunity -Everybody else has multiple opportunities and let them go by them, blacks cannot. -Baseball: metaphor for life and also the expectation that black people have to be much better than the white man -Scoffing at Koufax or Hank Aaron: angry with them cuz he’s too old to play! -Three strikes used as a parenting technique and it was literally three strikes and you’re out which is when he throws Cory out of the house -Uses baseball bat to wade off Death according to him -Goal for black people is to get to first base and maybe steal second: home run is not a possibility for black people -Rose was his first base: safety and an opportunity to not strike out -
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