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60 embryo gastrulation k e y t y p e s o f c e l l m

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Unformatted text preview: 60 Embryo Gastrulation K e y T y p e s o f C e l l M o v e m e n ts 1 . In v a g i n a ti o n 2 . In v o l u ti o n 3 . C o n v e r g e n c e - e x te n s i o n 4 . E p ib o ly Gastrulation by Invagination Example: Sea urchin Sea Urchin Gastrulation occurs mainly by invagination In v a g i n a ti o n f o r m s th e fr o g b l a s to p o r e Involution in frog embryo Looking ahead: Convergence-extension elongates the mesoderm in the A-P direction Convergence-extension of cells expressing brachyury Epiboly involution Neural Induction Noggin Chordin Follistatin Xnr3 Fig 3.62...
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