Carry two electrons and two protons electron carriers

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Unformatted text preview: re on fermenta8on •  Rela8vely liTle ATP produced per molecule catabolized –  Lots of flux through pathway •  Independent of oxygen Electron donor Electron carrier Internal electron acceptor Fermenta8on diversity •  Carbohydrates can be fermented •  Proteins and amino acids can be fermented Products are important •  Alcohol fermenta8on •  Lac8c fermenta8on Electron transport System (ETS) Respira8on H+ Acceptorox e ­ Donorred Acceptorred H+ Donorox Make ATP via OP and SLP The electron transport system Donor has more nega8ve reduc8on poten8al Acceptor has more posi8ve reduc8on poten8al The electron transport system Electron carriers Flavoproteins contain flavins, such as FMN or FAD. Carry two electrons and two protons. Electron carriers Quinones and menaquinones carry two electrons and two protons. Electron carriers Iron ­sulfur proteins contain iron ­sulfur clusters that carry electrons. Electron carriers Cytochromes are proteins that contain heme cofactors Carry one electron. Coupling proton movement to the electron transport system H+ H+ H H+ Proton pump Transfer of electrons between different types of carriers Respira8on summary •  Oxidize electron donor (energy source) •  Electrons move down ETS, this is coupled to proton transpor...
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