Oxida1ve phosphoryla1on op and slp fermenta8on par8al

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Unformatted text preview: ce H+ Out H+ H+ + H+ + H H H+ e ­ e ­ e ­ In NADH NAD+ H+ Aox Ared The ion mo8ve force is used by ATP synthase to make ATP via oxida8ve phosphoryla8on ATP synthase reversible Chemotrophy •  FERMENTATION –  Electron donor is an organic molecule –  Electron acceptor is some type of metabolic intermediate produced (“internal”) –  ATP is made by substrate ­level phosphoryla1on (SLP) •  RESPIRATION –  Electron donor is an organic molecule OR an inorganic molecule –  Electron transport system is involved, and an “external” electron acceptor is involved –  ATP is made by oxida1ve phosphoryla1on (OP) and SLP Fermenta8on – par8al oxida8on Reac8ons happen in cytoplasm Make ATP via SLP Donorred e ­ Donorox Acceptorox Acceptorred An example of fermenta8on 2 ATP glucose 2 pyruvate 2NAD+ 2NADH 2NADH 2NAD+ Glucose is the electron donor Pyruvate is the electron acceptor 2 ethanol plus 2 carbon dioxide Embden ­Meyerhof Pathway Glucose Oxida8on 2 Pyruvate Mo...
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