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Unformatted text preview: {5BB00DBF-1AAA-42D4-B14C-1EE165EAEAC3} {C7D7969A-3B6F-478A-A590-460535D4A75E} {0BE87FD0-87FE-4EE4-BD17-08D1C14D7709} {7DC07B67-4273-41E0-89C1-16A3CA6AC2E2} {DC11DF20-E6A9-4C6A-8D3B-AD26519BA76A} {FC8801BD-DF2C-4D26-9CA9-FA7F81021795} {19E34EC0-9772-4455-BC5D-F11C4CB8FA66} {1501EC7C-F9FC-468F-A6C4-8CCAE411D934} Activities -Baseball Places Values Events als People Problems -Running -Canada -God First -Baseball Games en Griffeyin a Secondary School ach Math Jr. -Racism??? Work -Football Games -Football -London -Family Second wn a Bowling Alley Brett Favre -Economy -McDonald's Manage -Basketball -Road Races(Running) -California -Friends Third Hank Aaron ay Healthy -Fossil Fuels -Milsim -MLB Stadiums -Rock Concerts -Self Last -Weight Training Click to edit Master subtitle style Thesis 1: The facts about steroids in baseball are endless, but the question I pose is whether they actually make an OK player into a great one. Thesis 2: Genocide is an ongoing problem in Eastern Countries, this is why American's should travel there to help. Thesis 3: a Rogers. Kenny Rogers 5/13/09 The object I have with me today, ismebaseball signed by Kennyand by the end of this isn't always associated with baseball, but to it makes perfect sense, ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course COMM 100 taught by Professor Ellis during the Spring '08 term at Millersville.

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