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In 1887, The East End of London was no different than any other area. The majority of the population was literate; crime rates were generally stable and it was seen as a moral suburb. Then, all of a sudden, in the fall of 1888 that all changed. The area had now become an immoral, crime-ridden, lazy population. How did this occur so quickly? Well, it didn’t actually, that’s just how powerful the media can be. In 1888, the worst killings in London’s history began. The first victim was Polly Nichols, she would be the first of five women brutally murdered in London’s East End. All but one of the killings took place in Whitechapel and Spitalfields. All of the women were disemboweled, and all of the women were prostitutes. Certainly, this had to be the works of a serial killer. The East End was put into a spotlight and that is how it adopted this crime-ridden image. The crimes revealed the anti-alien mentality that the East End had, the main suspect being a Polish-Jew. The media helped create an image of the East End
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