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perf ess - Everyone knows about the problem with steroids...

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Everyone knows about the problem with steroids in sports, baseball in particular. Unfortunately we live in a performance enhanced world, and sports are the least of our worries. Performance Enhancers are common in Hollywood, and even in the workplace. Not only do such drugs provide unfair advantages to those who use them, they are also extremely dangerous, and sometimes deadly. In sports, we all know about Barry Bonds, Marion Jones. Barry Bonds broke the most hallowed record in all of sports because of steroids, Jones, won several Gold Medals because of steroids. The choice of these athletes to “cheat” the game has forever changed the history of their respective sports. Perhaps a drug- free athlete was better but could not reach the levels others did without Performance Enhancers. A lot of players may have lost or gained millions of dollars because of these dangerous drugs. Jones is going to jail because of her actions, yet another reaction of what steroids can do to a career.
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