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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 Developing Careers 9-1 Chapter 9 Overview Establish a sound process for helping employees develop their careers Understand how to develop your own career Identify the negative aspects of an overemphasis on career development Understand the importance of dual-career issues in career development Develop a skills inventory and a career path Establish an organizational culture that supports career development 9-2 Career Development What is career development? - An ongoing and formalized effort that focuses on developing enriched and more capable workers. 9-3 Challenges in Career Development Who will be responsible? How much emphasis is appropriate? How will the needs of a diverse workforce be met? 9-4 Challenges in Career Development Dual-career couple A couple whose members both have occupational responsibilities and career issues at stake. 9-5 Challenges in Career Development Meeting the Challenges of Effective Career Development The Assessment Phase The Direction Phase The Development Phase 9-6 The Assessment Phase Self-Assessment Organizational Assessment Promotability Forecast Succession Planning 9-7 The Direction Phase Individual Career Counseling Information Services Job-posting systems Skills inventories Career paths Career resource center 9-8 The Development Phase Mentoring Coaching Job Rotation Tuition Assistance Programs 9-9 Effective Coaching Techniques 1. Create a coaching context 2. Actively listen to the person 3. Ask questions 4. Give useful feedback 9-10 Career Self-Assessment Does what you're doing for work resonate with your values? Do you find your work to be meaningful? How does your organization treat you? How do you use your talents at work? What is your manager like? What is your life like? 9-11 Guidelines for Today's Leaders Take an entrepreneurial perspective Embrace chaos Some risk is needed Breadth is the key Soft-skills can make or break you 9-12 Self-Development: Development Suggestions 1. Create your own personal mission statement 2. Take responsibility for your own direction and growth 3. Make enhancement, rather than advancement, your priority 4. Talk to people in positions to which you aspire and get their suggestions on how to proceed 5. Set reasonable goals 9-13 Self-Development: Advancement Suggestions 1. Remember that performance in your function is important, but interpersonal performance is critical 2. Set the right values and priorities 3. Provide solutions, not problems 4. Be a team player 5. Be customer oriented 6. Act as if what you are doing makes a difference 9-14 Summary and Conclusions What is career development? Challenges in career development Meeting the challenges of effective development Self-development 9-15 ...
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